DBPR/Landscape Architecture CE Courses

Landscape Architecture CE Courses​/Florida

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1.5 hours - Course #0011804
"Composite Decking & Sustainable Design"

1.5 hours - Course #0011806
"Choosing the Correct Railing"

Landscape Architecture CE Courses​/Georgia

Reciprocity for Landscape Architecture continuing education credit

is available in the state of Georgia.

Mako Rep Group Inc./Approved LA CE Provider

Provider #158

Landscape Architects/Continuing Education Requirements (Florida):​
Continuing education is required for all registered landscape architects who practice in the state of Florida. 

16 hours/2 years is required each biennium prior to the renewal period.
At least two hours must be obtained by attending an advanced or specialized course on the Uniform Building Code.
Two hours must be obtained by attending a course on Florida’s laws and regulations affecting the practice of landscape architecture (may be earned by attending four hours of a meeting of the Board of Landscape Architecture, unless licensee is attending for another purpose.
Courses must fall within one or more of the following categories: (1) consultation, investigation, research, planning, general business, design, preparation of drawings, specifications, contract documents and reports, responsible construction supervision, or landscape management in connection with the planning and development of land and incidental water areas where the dominant purpose of the program is the preservation, conservation, enhancement, or determination of proper land uses, natural land features, ground cover and planting, or naturalistic and aesthetic values; (2) the determination of settings, grounds and approaches for building and structures or other improvements; (3) the setting of grades, the shaping and contouring of land and water forms, determination of drainage, and provision for storm drainage and irrigation systems; (4) the design of such tangible objects and features as are necessary to the purpose; (5) professional practice management; and (6) laws and rules related to the practice of landscape architecture.
Courses must be approved by the board and offered by approved CE providers.
Licensees must submit CE credits within 90 days prior to renewal on November 30 of odd-numbered years (certified transcript).

Effective December 1, 2021, licensees will need to complete 16 hours of continuing education to include

one hour Laws and Rules, and one hour Advanced Building Code.

The previous requirement included two hours Laws and Rules, and two hours Advanced Building Code.

Mako Rep Group Inc. reports all CEHs and provides a Certificate of Completion to each participant.
All landscape architects are responsible for retaining proof of participation in all CE courses.