Architectural CEU Courses

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for any of the following courses:

BCI0001 (LU/HSW)
"Understanding Poly-Ash Trim & the Other Categories of the Exterior Trim Market"

An examination and comparison of categories within the exterior trim market, focusing on category specific attributes

relating to installation, sustainability, durability and maintenance


"Understanding Poly-Ash Siding & Other Categories of the Siding Market"​

An examination of the new Poly-Ash category of exterior siding as it relates to other types of siding,

specifically around the areas of installation, maintenance, and sustainability

Diggerrail02 (HSW)

"Choosing the Correct Railing"

Soundattn11 (LU/HSW)

"Sound Control in Construction"

Principles of sound including common definitions, i.e. frequencies, decibels, STC/IIC, sound pressure and levels. Code and legal issues.

Sound control: an explanation of structural acoustics and acoustical assemblies.

Implementing sound control at the design stage as well as renovations.

WPS010 (HSW)

"Weather Resistive Barriers in Vertical Exterior Walls"

An understanding of how to evaluate and select appropriate weather resistive barrier to give maximum protection

against water damages and air leakage. Understanding the importance of WRB's in modern construction,

as well as the issues addressed by WRB’s and their performance.

Diggercolumn1 (HSW)

"Choosing Your Columns"

An understanding of material options available for columns for structural capacity and durability and
assessing load requirements to apply weight requirements to accommodate particular project applications.
Appraising advantages and limitations of each type of column based on function, maintenance, and aesthetics.

BVersetta001 (HSW)

"Understanding Mortarless Stone Veneer and Other Stone Veneer Products"

An examination of the new mortarless stone veneer category of cladding products as it relates to other types of stone veneers, specifically around the areas of installation and applications

Intex115 - A (LU) 

"Understanding the Benefits of Cellular PVC Rails, Pergolas & Gutters"

An understanding of the benefits of specifying cellular PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) railing systems,

pergolas and gutters for residential construction projects

Additional CE credit is available on line:

Diggercolumn3 (HSW)

"Choosing Your Columns"

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Diggerrail03 (HSW)

"Choosing the Correct Railing"

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Continuing education is required for all registered architects who practice in the state of Florida and are members of AIA.

The Florida Statutes require architects to complete continuing education for licensure, while the AIA requires it for membership.

Each is recorded separately, but can be interchanged, within certain guidelines. 

The state of Florida automatically accepts all AIA registered and approved courses.

Continuing Education Requirements:

The state of Florida requires 24 CEHs, with 22 hours in HSW and 2 hours in Building Code bi-annually of every odd year.

AIA requires 18 LU Hours, with 12 hours in HSW annually, due the end of the calendar year.

Mako Rep Group Inc. reports all CEHs and provides a Certificate of Completion to each participant.

All architects are responsible for retaining proof of participation in all CE courses; which should be retained for three years following renewal.